Tool Crib

Tools EAA Chapter members have that they are willing to lend to other members. To borrow the tool, contact the member listed. If you have a tool to add to the list, contact Peter Cassidy.

    Tool Owner
  Lenox Rigid Borescope
Good way to examine cylinders especially exhaust valves. Never pull a cylinder for low compression without doing a borescope inspection. In may cases a borescope examination will show it's not necessary. This borescope has excellent optics but does not have photo or video recording capability. I look at my cylinders at annual and every time I remove the plugs,
Peter Cassidy
  28VDC Ground Power Supply
This ground power unit made by BYCAN plugs into 120VAC line and can supply up to 50 amps to aricraft bus to power avionics, do gear swings, or charge battery. External power plug fits Beech Bonanza and Baron aircraft.
Peter Cassidy
  12/24V Battery Capacity Tester
This unit made by Concorde Batteries will load test 12 and 24 V aircraft batteries. Unit is fully automatic. Aircraft batteries typically last about 4 years and should be tested every year especially if you are flying at night or IFR. Just because the battery will start the aircraft, does not mean it has much capacity. Most starts require very little battery capacity. A load test is the only way to know how much capacity a battery has.
Peter Cassidy
  Magneto Timing Tools
Includes the magneto buzz box to set the mags, pendulum timing indicator, differential compression tester with master orifice, and piston stop to help locate TDC.
Peter Cassidy
  Strut Pump
This is an easy way to add air to a low strut. Needs a compressor or portable air tank for a primary air supply. The strut pump boosts the pressure from the primary air supply (typically arounf 100 PSI) to as much as 1000 PSI. 
Peter Cassidy
  Strut Service Tool
Servicing the fluid in the struts on your plane is very easy with this tool from Bogert. Available from Aircraft Spruce for $20, it lets you change the fluid without removing the strut valve core. I did the struts on my Bonanza in a few minutes. With the aircraft on jacks, start with the container empty and connect the hose to release the pressure in the strut. Exercise the strut to expel the old fluid into the container. Empty the container and add about half a quart of fresh strut fluid. Exercise the strut several times to draw in the new fluid and expel any air bubbles. With the strut fully compressed, remove the hose. Now add nitrogen or air to inflate the strut to the desired level.
Peter Cassidy
  Oil Filter Can Cutter
Oil filters should always be opened and inspected for metal when they are removed. This one made by Sky Ranch works well. I use my bench vice to hold the rectangular base.
Peter Cassidy
    Vertical Mill
I have a Sieg X3 (Grizzly rebranded) vertical mill with a decent amount of tooling that anyone is welcome to use. Of course you will have to come to my house. 
Kevin Warren
    5" Horizontal Bandsaw 
I have a 5 horizontal bandsaw, not too portable, but makes quick work of pipe, bar, threaded rod, etc... 
Kevin Warren
    Analog Oscilloscope 
I have an analog oscilloscope, two channel and a couple of power supplies (+5/+12V, few amps). 
Kevin Warren
    Crimping Tools
I have an assortment of crimping tools, one of which is a very nice DMC with a couple of turrets. I can provide more specifics if basically everyone doesn't already have them. The DMC is pricey but results in very nice crimps. 
Kevin Warren
    Engine Hoist Steve Johnson
    Torque Wrenches
0-100 lbft and 50-200 lbft
Steve Johnson
    10' Sheetmetal siding brake
This brake is only for thin aluminum and we do use it in my business I could check manual on max thickness. We could not really loan it out but people could use it here.
Roy Miles
    3' Brake
Will bend thicker metal and steel.
Roy Miles
    Frame/Fuselage Jig for RV-6
I have a frame/fuselage jig for the RV-6 I might even tern chapter property when I am done with it. It is 45" wide and 14' 1" long, If someone wanted to use it to build theirs, I would even help deliver it if they were in the Nashville area. If no one in our chapter needs it, perhaps someone in another chapter closeby might.
Roy Miles
    Lycoming Cylinder Wrenches
I have a pair of Lycoming cylinder wrenches I could loan out for a few weeks.
Roy Miles
    Flaring Tool
I have an aviation flaring tool I could loan out for a few days though I am not completely finished with it. (1/17/2015)
Roy Miles
    Misc Tools
I have other tools I could loan for short periods such as "witches finger" rivit punch.
Roy Miles