Redbird Simulator

EAA Chapter 162 has arranged for special rates on two Redbird flight simulators, one at Nashville Flight Training at BNA and one at Hollingshead Aviation (MQY).

Nashville Flight Training (BNA)
The simulator is the same as the one at MQY except it is not full motion. It is certified for flight training. EAA Chapter 162 members receive a $20/hr discount off the regular $65/hr plus instructor rate.

Nashville Flight Training is located at 801 Hangar Lane, Hangar #7, Nashville, TN 37217. Contact Chris Erlanson 615-366-9191 (office) or to schedule a session. Users are required to have a one-hour checkout with a Nashville Flight Training instructor for their first session. Instructor is not required on future sessions.

Hollingshead Aviation (MQY)
This is a spohisticated, full motion simulator certified for flight training. It is an excellent resource for instrument proficiency work. With an instructor pilots alone can log time toward instrument currency requirements and instrument training.

The EAA 162 member rate for the simulator is $55/hr by check ($60/hr by credit card). The standard rate for this simulator is $75/hr plus instructor. Steve Kravitz and Peter Cassidy have been trained in the simulator operation.

Available aircraft configurations are Cessna 172 with G1000 panel, Beech Baron with G1000 panel, Beech Duchess with older "steam" gauges. All configurations have Garmin 530/430 radios for navigation. The Duchess works well for single engine simulation.

This simulator can be flown VFR as well as IMC with any conditions desired.

Use Procedure
- User must be current EAA Chapter member.
- Register on the Advanced Flight Sim Admin website and schedule your sim time.
- Contact either Steve Kravitz 615-604-8457or Peter Cassidy 615-804-2252 and schedule them to be there to operate or preferably checkout user on the simulator. There is no charge for their time. It may take a couple of sessions to get comfortable operating the simulator on your own.
- Bring your instrument charts.
- Log time as Flight Simulator, number of approaches, etc.
- Pay at time of use by check or credit card.

Instructor Requirement
The FARs are conflicting as to whether an instructor must sign off when a simulator is used to meet IFR currency requirements. In an August 6, 2010 opinion, the FAA's Chief Council clarified this to say an instructor must be present. However, due to the conflicting language in the FARs. the subject was forwarded to Flight Standards Service for further review. John King of King Schools asked the Flight Standards Service for an opinion and in a Nov. 3, 2010 letter they advised John King that, provided the pilot was IFR current at the time, no instructor need be present in order to log the time toward currency requirements as this is not instruction. This is the opinion of Redbird. It's worth noting that AOPA legal and others are not totally comfortable with the position stated in the Flight Standards Service letter to John King. The bottom line is, if you want to be legal beyond any doubt, have an instructor present when you log time in the Redbird simulator.